♥️?♥️ Willow’s purpose today is clear; showing love and comfort to our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.

♥️?♥️ As we make the trek 90 min west to visit Ashley, Seth, and Declan, it’s not just a visit to say hello and we miss you. With dinner and our sweet Willow, therapy pup-in-training, we travel in love and support to share a meal with this sweet little family suffering in such sadness. We share something in common that we hoped we’d NEVER have to share with any of our loved ones, much less our family, but here we are February 2021.

♥️ In February 1997 we said goodbye to our best man, Nick’s best friend Mike. A death that NO ONE saw coming. I was 6 months pregnant with our youngest Noah, at home with Ashley age 3, and Alex 19 months when the call came. Nick was in Florida for work and I had to make the call to share the news. We stayed stuck “in shock” for a long time following his death.

♥️ Nick’s shock turned to anger, a VERY acceptable emotion with suicide. But My shock turned to UNDERSTANDING as Mike came to me in my dreams over the next few years at times of my distress;

♥️ One of my mental health breakdowns, postpartum 6 months after his death.

♥️ To alleviate Nick and my worry and anxiety that there was NOTHING we could have done to save his actions.

♥️ Our 4th pregnancy miscarriage 18 months after his death. Nick’s great worry if Mike got to heaven with the action of his death. This was answered in my dream, as he swooped in and carried our miscarried baby off to heaven.

♥️ As time went on, our little family of five struggled with our own mental health issues; all 5 of us suffering with anxiety, 3 of us with ADD, 2 severe mental health breakdowns, and 1 attempted suicide; we have learned SO much in an area understanding, empathy and most of all, HOPE.

♥️ Over the last 24 years, this has become my understanding and thoughts on suicide; people are in an altered mental state when they make this decision to end the tremendous pain they are experiencing with one final action. They cannot think of anything else, JUST STOP THE PAIN.

♥️?♥️. You’re Not Alone; was born out of personal understanding and hope that NO FAMILY needs to feel all alone in their sadness and desperation. We are here to be your support and love.

♥️?♥️ So today, Nick, I, and Willow travel to share our love with our daughter’s family. Tomorrow, could it be your family?

♥️ Please know that you NEVER have to feel alone…our mission is to replace that feeling of being alone with HOPE, LOVE, EMPATHY, and INSPIRATION ♥️

♥️Today’s mission is unfortunately after a death, but we will always LIVE to be on the other side in hopes to PREVENT it from happening.

♥️ We have ONE ask of you…PLEASE help us share our mission ♥️

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