Here at You’re Not Alone; (YNA;) we strive to help others through their life journey by supporting whole-person health and well-being, with an emphasis on mental health. We aim to ignite a community culture with strong relationships and conversations surrounding acceptance, understanding and empathy.

Amy and willow in grassy yard

“A seventh-grade student said, 'Now I can make it through the afternoon,' after receiving a hug from Willow.”

-Kari Green

Monticello Middle School Media Specialist

“There is nothing like seeing the faces of children light up with excitement when they see Amy and Willow inside the school helping children to be stronger and equipped with new skills.”

-Eric Olson

Superintendent of Monticello Public Schools
Amy and willow in grassy yard

Meet Amy

Amy Theisen Walz is an avid pup-lover, advocate for the underdog, vocalist and speaker.

Amy brings her heart, hope, and inspiration to people, and their loved ones struggling with mental health diagnoses through her non-profit organization, You’re Not Alone;

Amy shares the unconditional love of therapy pup Willow in The Monticello Middle School. Creating a non-judgemental space, by personally understanding the many trials students experience with various mental health diagnoses, bullying and life stressors.

Amy is an aspiring author of her family’s story of hope and inspiration through her family’s mental health diagnoses and dysfunction. This story is told through an angel in their family in 2007, sweet pup Lilly Rae of Hope’s voice.

She retired from her 30-year career in the medical field and has been the owner of Amy’s Cherished Events. Using her talents of loving-on her couples and providing anxiety-relief while assisting in planning their weddings; a beautiful day to start their married life. She also creates and implements fundraising events.

Amy lives is Monticello with her husband Nick (of 30+ years), sweet therapy pup, Willow Grace and new therapy pup in training Spirit of Hope. She adores her three adult children, their spouses and her darling grandson, Declan. They have more grand “paws” than grandchildren! Cat – Wynter, dogs – Paisley, Tucker and Bingo. Amy is also blessed to live within a few miles of her darling elderly mom.

Through this mission of You’re Not Alone;, Amy strives to put a HUGE dent in the stigma surrounding mental health diagnoses, bullying and life stressors, through the unconditional love of a pup – so that no child feels all alone in their mental health struggles!

Our Vision

A Community-based Network

To create a community-based network of peer leaders sharing their time and compassion to participants within a mental illness crisis.

Compassion, Empathy, Understanding

During a crisis (whether it is short or long-term), a person is in great need of compassion, empathy, and understanding without the concern of judgment.

A Safe Haven

Peer leaders with a personal understanding of mental illness will create a safe haven environment for a participant to share their sadness, loneliness, loss of dreams and/or through their loved one’s or their personal illness.

A community Of Peers

It will be a community of a peer (with a past history of mental illness) supporting a participant (with current mental illness), but also in regards to loved ones’; peer sibling to sibling, peer spouse to spouse, peer parent to parent, peer friend to friend, peer children to children and peer caregiver to caregiver, etc.


Our Mission

Helping others through their life journey by supporting whole-person health & well-being, with an emphasis on mental health. Igniting a community culture with strong relationships & conversations surrounding: acceptance, understanding, & empathy.

"Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer."

– Dean Koontz, Author

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